Bitter Mercy

Fixer with a closet full of secrets


DocWagon Report
August 16, 2057

Extensive damage to pectoralis major
Serratus anterior has been penetrated
Transversus dominus exposed
Jaw removed
Right arm savaged – recommend replacement

Extensive prosthetic cyberware approved

There’s no such thing as an old Shadowrunner. They either die young, sell out or retire. Mercy has chosen the latter – he’s no longer running the in the shadows. The corps have won – what was once the final bastion against their powers has become an expected danger (and utility) of business. Most of the old guard is dead. The Otaku fell and the Technomancers are on the rise. The AI have gone from gods of the matrix to smaller controlled forms. There’s really too much to keep up with.

One foot still in the game, with his remaining contacts and caches, he’s turned to the role of Fixer. Someone has to try and keep a torch lit.

The money isn’t bad either.

Bitter Mercy

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